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Viktig informasjon om Koronaviruset

English info


What do you do if you suspect you are ill
with the new coronavirus? We have had the first cases of infection in Norway,
and as a medical center we are constantly asked how
you as a person should deal with this. The advice is of
short validity because recommendations and definitions
change in line with the development and knowledge of
the disease. Contact your emergency room or GP on the phone for
advice and an appointment     * emergency room on telephone 116117     * GP on phone 55304950 The symptoms of the disease are as with other respiratory
infections,such as cough, fever, sore throat, chest pain
and difficulty breathing. Contact a physician on the phone if you have such symptoms
and have been in at least one of the following situations:     * Has been in an area of persistent spread of the
coronavirus for the last 14 days.     * Have had close contact with a person who has been
confirmed sick with the new coronavirus within the
last 14 days.     * Areas of persistent spread of the coronavirus
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Welcome to our homepage. 

You can send a message through website to your doctor.

We have 4 doctors available here at the office:
Dr Hans Petter Lie - works everyday except Tuesday
Dr Kari Møen - works everyday except Wednesday
Dr Ole K. Bjønnes - works everyday except Thursday
Dr Anders Aarvold - works everyday except every Friday.

How to book an appointment by internet:
You can send a message to your doctor through web-page You need a bank ID to log in to your site.

NB! This service is free for charge!

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 0800 am-1500 pm.

Contact information:
Adress: Nygårdsgaten 4, 3.floor, 5015 Bergen
Phone: 55304950